Water and Wastewater Treatment and Distribution

ARIAST can provide following services:


  • Design;
  • Optimization & Upgrade;
  • Fabrication;
  • Maintenance; and
  • Engineering Solutions.

Site Audit:

  • Standard Audit;
  • Comprehensive Audit; and,
  • Desktop Audit.


  • Full Commissioning
  • Leak & Hydraulic Tests
  • SOTR & Mixer Tracer Tests

Operation & Maintenance:

  • Full-/Part-Time Operator
  • Relief Operator
  • Operator Support

Laboratory Analysis Support:

  • Selection of Tests
  • Chain of Custody
  • Interpretive Report

Operator Training:

ARIAST offers flexible on-site competency based operator training that is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Development Approval and Environmental Licence:

  • Site Based Management Plan
  • Development of Monitoring Plans
  • Program Notice
  • Transitional Environmental Program (TEP)

Pumps, Piping & Processing Systems

ARIAST can provide following services:


  • Hydraulic design of pumps & piping systems
  • Selection pumps and pipes
  • Creation of PFD and P&ID
  • Creation of 3D, plant layout & elevation drawings
  • Design of piping supports
  • Design of control systems
  • Remedial design
  • Design assessment & certification



  • Fabrication of piping skids
  • Shop assembly of pump-sets and piping systems

 Installation & Commissioning:

  •  Levelling and installation of coupling
  • Priming of pump units
  • Hydraulic & Leak tests
  • Full commissioning of pumps & piping systems
  • Onsite verification and calibration of flow meters and pressure gauges
  • Inspection and reliability assessment
  • Testing, preparation of proof of performance and certification
  • Installation of instrumentation


Repair & Maintenance:

  •  Routine inspection and scheduled maintenance of pumps
  • Preparation of preventive and scheduled maintenance program
  • Remedial work on suction line to avoid cavitation
  • Remedial works on pipeline to reduce head loss
  • Remedial work on pipeline to reduce water hammer effect
  • Inspection of underground pipelines for ingress or leaks

Material Handling, Filling & Packaging

ARIAST can provide following services:

  • Design;
  • Design Analysis & Optimization;
  • Design Assessment & Certification;
  • Finite Element Analysis;
  • Discrete Element Analysis;
  • Fabrication;
  • Root Cause Analysis and Remediation of Defects and Malfunctions;
  • Inspection, Quality Assessment and Certification;
  • 3D-Scanning of existing structures;
  • Creation of Fabrication and As-Built Drawings;
  • Installation and Commissioning;
  • Remedial design and Repair Work planning;
  • Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance;
  • Corrosion Detection, Mapping, Protection and Remediation;
  • Fatigue Life and remnant Life Assessments;

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

ARIAST can carry out following on-site NDTs for, Steel Structures, tanks, weld-lines, casts, ceramics and polymers.

  • Visual Inspection

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

  • Hydrotesting

Food, Beverages and Dairy Processing

ARIAST can provide following services:

  • Plant design and optimization
  • Design and installation of mix-proof valve matrixes
  • Sizing, installation and commissioning of pasteurizers
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of CIP units
  • Design and installation of food grade piping and pumping systems
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of filling and packing systems


ARIAST can provide following services:

  • Inspect the asset;
  • Select the instruments;
  • Perform programming;
  • Install the instruments and telemetry systems with real time data transfer and monitoring and automatic reporting function.
  • Collect and process data;
  • Prepare interpretive monitoring report that
  • Determine remnant life of the asset.
  • Propose remedial design to extend the service life of the asset

Advanced Composites and Polymers

ARIAST can provide following services:

Synthesis of graphene based composites and carbon based polymers

Heat treatment of graphene based composites and carbon based polymers

Work hardening of graphene based composites and carbon based polymers

 ARIAST can conduct following tests on Composites and Polymers:

  •  Ultrasonic Tests
  • Tensile, Compression, Bending and Buckling Tests
  • Hardness Test
  • Impact Test
  • Accelerated Erosion Tests
  • Thermal Tests
  • Composition Tests (XRD, RAMAN, TG_DTA)
  • Surface & Composition Test (SEM, AFM & TEM)
  • Cyclic Loading Tests (Fatigue Life Assessment)
  • Fracture Toughness Tests